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Desert Dunes

Assalamou Alaikum
ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ

Welcome to our great website! We are very happy that you are here. Feel free to look around and let us know if you need help with anything. HAPPY SHOPPING FUN!

New Collection

Welcome to Hadiyaagifts

We are a unique mother-daughter company rooted in the love of making small personalized gifts. What started as a shared hobby has grown into a passionate business that specializes in creating beautiful packages for every occasion.


Our journey began with crafting personal gifts, a craft we embraced with love and devotion. Inspired by the desire to offer something special, we quickly expanded our range to craft beautiful Islamic gifts and offer products that appeal to the whole family, from young to old.


We have had the honor of contributing to the beautiful moments in the lives of many, especially in the wedding sector. We have delighted countless brides on the most important day of their lives with our unique and lovingly composed products.


Our company has developed further by participating in fairs, where we have not only expanded our range, but also built new connections. This has led to a growing customer base who have supported and inspired us to pursue our dreams.


We are proud to say that Hadiyaagifts now offers a wide range, ranging from Islamic gifts to products for various occasions. We have also taken the step to organize events ourselves, allowing us to share our passion directly with our valued customers.


We would like to sincerely thank our customers and Allah SWT for their unconditional support. It is partly thanks to you that we are where we are now. We look forward to further expanding our range and sharing many more special moments with you.


Lots of love,



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